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Kotor 2 Dantooine Thief

I have been through the entire ruins and have yet to meet this "thief". There is only one possible area he could be at and it's got a locked door with no options for it. Can't bash it, pick it, or use a grenade on it, so I'm guessing he's in there. Question is HOW THE BLAZES DO YOU OPEN IT?!

Kotor 2 Dantooine Thief


The thief is the Jedi padawan Kaevee you meet in the Enclave after talking to Daraala and Ralon in the salvager camp--after you get Kaevee to admit she's stealing you go back to Suulru and tell him the thief was not the salvagers and she's been dealt with completing the quest getting the reward...I know this because I've been able to complete the quest during each and every playthrough with the TSLRCM installed

I'm on Dantooine right now and just got the thief quest from Suulru--personally, aside from not following the right dialogue tree, I've never had a problem with Kaevee not appearing or clearing the quest...gimme a few to sell out Khoonda to the mercs and I'll let you know what happens

UPDATE: Talked to both Daraala and Ralon about the thief. Killed the laigreks in the area behind the fountain and Kaevee came running out just like she's supposed to. Got her to admit stealing then made sure she'll never steal anything from anyone ever again losing INF with Brianna in the process

Nope but at that point I don't see you needing one--you've already gotten the quest from Suulru, you talk to Daraala to get the salvager's will quest and Ralon to either buy or take the fake holocron from him. When you meet Kaevee one of the questions you can ask her is are you the thief?

According to content retrieved from dialog.tlk, Kaevee was supposed to be the one who stole Suulru's farming equipment. The Exile could either murder her and retrieve the equipment or take her to the farmer, who would offer her a job. Jorran was subsequently chosen to be the thief.

In summary, Kaevee appears to be a Padawan who managed to survive the Sith bombing of Dantooine and hid first in the Matale household and then the Enclave ruins after the Sith came for the Matales (who were all killed). In the ruins, she found a Sith holocron (which she thinks is a Jedi artifact) that taught her how to control the laigreks and convinced her to start killing the salvagers that come in. Some lines have the Exile accusing her of being a thief and mentioning Suulru, which she doesn't respond to well at all. The point of the quest appears to be to get her to leave the Enclave, either convinced all the Jedi are dead, or convinced that she's wrong for killing the salvagers.

Another cut quest restored with the mod involves a thief on Dantooine. Originally, the salvager Jorran had stolen a vaporator modulator from Suulru, and after rescuing Jorran from the ruins of the enclave, the player can convince him to return it to Suulru. The restored version involves a much longer chain of events where Suulru's farm equipment is being stolen presumably by the salvagers. This leads to the player discovering that the thief is actually a lost padawan who has taken control of the laigreks in the ruins. The player can either make her embrace the dark side, kill her, or encourage her to seek out the Jedi.

Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 We introduce thug 2, but this time it doesn't mean Tony Hawk's Underground 2, but my custom thug figure. :-) "Thug" is slang for a gangster, an assassin, a petty thief, or a minor villain. In the KotOR series the thugs do the bad things, to tell the truth in a pretty wide variety. They are the bad guys, the goons, the robbers, the evil-doers, brigands, muggers, ruffians, salvagers, bandits, bullies, fetch men, raiders, hell raisers. Their behavior is usually pretty aggressive, they will often intimidate us, or the innocent citizens. Of course they do this well armed, and in groups. This is why we call them gangsters, since gangster are criminals who are members of a violent crime organization, a gang. Gangsters needed to stick together, the gang provided them great poverty, the individuals were stronger together, and had bigger chances for success. Many criminals can intimidate and terrorize the citizens easily. Gangsters typically organize or make crimes for power, or profit, but sometimes simply for their pleasure, or for fun. Gangs sometimes turn on each other, to decide which organization is the stronger, and who will rule the territory. Violence can vary from shoot-outs, and can escalate in gang wars occasionally. The bigger gangs sometimes gain so much strength that they try to manipulate the decisions of civil institutions, or the politics, or the leaders, so they sometimes get involved into high politics, and gain power to influence the governments. These thugs took part in the Onderon civil war in KotOR2, they had importance in the Dark Side story, their leader, Azkul, and the undercover man, Zheron took over the Dantooine government, thugs helped general Vaklu to capture Onderon, and they helped the Dark Exile in the Battle of Telos, too. Even a Jedi Master, Vrook, was captured by Azkul. Vrook was locked in a forcecage in a cave, at Dantooine. When the Exile noticed this, and wanted to exit this cave, he was waited by Azkul and his mercenaries. Azkul wanted to offer him a job. This is the final Light/Dark choice for Dantooine in the game. Light Siders have to side with Khoonda, so you'll have to fight against Azkul and his mercenary goons. Then you have to go back to the Khoonda building, and to have it prepared for the soon expectable thug attack, as you can read in my Akkere article. Dark Siders have to side with Azkul, and to help him weaken Khoonda defences, and to help the battle against Administrator Terena's forces, and finally you have to fight a one-on-one battle with Jedi master Vrook, who tried to protect the government, and Terena. After you defeat him, Azkul goes off and kills Terena personally, taking her position, and he replaces Terena in that way too, that he is standing her very place, where she was always standing. After Darth Malak has found out in KotOR1 that the Jedi Enclave is located on Dantooine, he had it attacked so the once symbolic and attractive Jedi building was destroyed. Many Jedi died under the ruins, and many valuable goods became trapped under the stones. We will meet some thugs in KotOR2 who specialized for expeditions down in the depth, to find the Jedi bodies, to undress them, to take their possessions, and emptying their valuables from their crates, stealing their lightsabers, they disturbed their peace, desecrating their rest, like the foreign tomb raiders desecrated the pyramids of the Egyptian pharaohs. But there were such thugs who didn't want to risk their lives, and to organize expeditions into the chasms, they rather decided to let other thugs go down, and when the tired raiders came back, they attacked them, and took their loot, killing them. They used these loot for their own needs, and a remaining significant part of it was sold on the black-market. Such a salvager and receiver was Daraala. That is interesting, since she was a female thug, which is quite rare. Additionally, she was brave enough to settle down at the vicinity of the Jedi Enclave ruins, and she sold off her goods from these plastic containers, and boxes. We can buy lightsaber christals, jedi robes, tools, accessories, (gloves, belts, head gears) armors, and many other things from these receiver thugs.By the way, armor. You surely noticed that these thugs all wore a really attractive, greenish armor with an interesting paint design. This is an Durasteel Heavy Armor. Made in Bonadan. It gives significant defence for its owner, but in the meantime restrains the user in the free move. For this, Durasteel Heavy Armors were suggested to those who wanted to use firearms, since with rifles you needn't move quickly, jumping around, while during melee weapon fights it didn't supported the free move. That is why the Echani race, who preferred the fast moving melee fight techniques, didn't like these armors, as I mentioned in my Handmaiden article. Furthermore the armors won't let you to use Force Powers, so Jedi Consulars didn't used armors, maybe the fighting Jedi, who didn't used Powers often, they preferred lightsabers, but in this garment they could move very acrobatically, neither. However it was not a problem for the Thugs, they had not got Force Powers, didn't really liked the swords, they felt more comfortable with a rifle in the hand, so this armor was a perfect solution for them. And a bunch of well-armed and well-armored thugs can be a really big threat in the KotOR series... But not always! When Darth Revan found out, that Hulas, the Genoharadan mafia boss was just using him to have eliminated the rest of the Cartel leaders, Darth Revan immediately wanted to kill him for that. But they couldn't fight on Manaan because of its security rules, and security cameras, so Hulas named Tatooine as a possibly location for the duel. But he was only willing to fight Revan in the Dune sea, if Revan comes alone for the fight, leaving his companions back. But of course Hulas brought some reinforcements with him, some good well-armed men from his gang, but they were not a bid deal for the dark Lord Revan all together, neither. But before they were all killed, we made a screenshot on a green Durasteel armor thug, you can see him on the left of Hulas. You can not only watch this awesome Durasteel armor on the thugs, but you can even take it on! But to do this, your character has to have the ability to wear heavy armors. Soldiers have it initially, but the others can spend their points to have it developed while levelling up the character, too. Let me introduce our model Canderous Ordo, he will wear a Durasteel armor during our fashion show. Come on, Canderous, don't be shy, spin around to show the Durasteel armor armor for the guys! Front view, rear view! :-) Canderous is a soldier, he can take it on, he can fire with his large helicopter gun-like repeater from a great distance without moving, or jumping in this armor, so he won't bother himself to dress in a thick armor. He is not a Force-user, so he can have many benefits from this armor! Canderous Ordo in Durasteel armor front and back view in the Valley of the Sith Lord, at Korriban. Take a look at my custom Thug figure!Not only the thugs motivated me, to create this custom figure, because there are several kinds of bad guys. The armor impressed me. Many thugs wear this Durasteel armor in the game, but I tried to model this man from Kotor2, who I saw in the Iziz cantina. He was not really curious, why was my Exile Jedi is looking at him so continuously, he may found out he will be the model of a thug custom figure. :-) custom Thug figure front 350c69d7ab


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