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1969, Fender Mustang, left-handed guitar, serial number F 279651, in Competition Lake Placid blue finish, with matching headstock. Cobain purchased the left-handed Competition Mustang guitar from Lloyd Chaite of Voltage Guitars in Los Angeles circa 1990-1991. The guitar was used in the recording studio during both the Nevermind and In Utero recording sessions, as well as numerous prominent live performances, but it is most notable and prominently remembered as the guitar Cobain used in the music video for Nirvana's lead single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from the band's second studio album Nevermind, released on September 24th, 1991. Cobain's guitar tech, Earnie Bailey, confirms that Cobain had him replace the original bridge with a Stewart MacDonald Gotoh Tune-O-Matic, Cobain's favorite, before Nirvana played in Argentina in October of 1992. Bailey also replaced the original bridge pickup with a Duncan Hot Rails Humbucker in early 1992. The original single coil bridge pickup, tremolo bar and one of Cobain's guitar straps were kept and stored in the guitar case and come with this lot. Bailey continued "I rebuilt the bridge section in a way that would be repeated on his [Cobain's] In Utero era Sonic blue Mustangs. It involved replacing the bridge with a Tune-O-Matic style bridge, and flipping the tailpiece bar around backwards. From there, several washers were added to the posts that connected the tailpiece to allow it to be tightened down against the plate that it rested on. This modification solved several problems. It disabled the tremolo system and, in the process, increased tuning stability. Reversing the tailpiece itself allowed us to now re-string the guitar in a much easier process, stabilizing the tuning while changing the angle in which the string connected to the bridge which would reduce string breakage. By tightening the tailpiece down against the plate, it also redirects the string resonance from being absorbed by the tremolo spring and to the body."

Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll Download Key Serial Number

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