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Alien Vs Predator Full Movie Mp4 Download In 103

The movie takes place straight after the first AvP when the Predalien causes a scout ship to crash onto a small town in Colorado called Gunnison. The hybrid escapes along with many Facehuggers and the whole town is overrun. A lone Predator is sent from the Predator homeworld to destroy the aliens and the hybrid. Meanwhile, a group of townspeople must work together to survive.

alien vs predator full movie mp4 download in 103

Writer Shane Salerno wrote an early pitch for the film where the Predator ship crashed in Afghanistan and the movie revolved around a special forces team. Fox had already decided to go down the small town route by the time the Strauses came aboard. Many scenes were changed from the early drafts and some scenes were cut down for budget reasons. Comic-book artists were hired to help the Strauses with their storyboards. They also did CGI pre-vis for the big sequences and pre-edited a huge portion of the film before they started filming. Due to budget reasons, ADI could only redesign the heads of the aliens so body molds from AvP and Alien Resurrection were used as well.

I love this movie personally i fully understand peoples problems with this film and i acknoledge that the film is deeply flawed but despite that i really enjoy it and Wolf is an awesome Predator and an absolute badass

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